Dogs are fine.
They understand your feelings and empathize. They return your emotion.  Cats do the same, but more intelligently. A cat has it’s own awareness and agenda; it cares, but has its own worries and neuroses; a cat is not just a reactive, emotional sponge. A cat processes its owner’s emotions, without simply–thoughtlessly–regurgitating them.
A cat is wise.
…A cat is not aloof…a cat, quite simply, is often deep in thought. If a cat ignores you, it has it’s reasons. A cat knows you, it is intelligent and senses your feelings. If a person is intelligent also, he appreciates cats. And appreciates the fact that the cat is an independent, thinking creature…it empathizes, it cares…but it also has its own moods and thoughts, independent of any person. A cat is the perfect animal. Nomadic, but empathic. Wise. Thoughtful. A cat is misunderstood.
But, perfect…



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