The Big House.

The Slammer. Greybar Hotel.

Sing-Sing. Riker’s. The Slam. The Hooscow.

The Place They Put You Behind Bars and They Don’t Let You Go.

Can’t Let Go. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Once you go to the jail, you’re in the jail. Can’t get out of the jail.

Once you go to the jail, the goal is stay out of the jail. Don’t go back to the jail.

Stay away from the jail.

The Slammer. The Big House.

The State Pen. The Penn State. Got to stay out. Can’t stay out. Three Hots and a Cot. Jail. Hell in a Cell. Summerslam. Steel-Cage Match Wrasslin’. George the Animal Steel. Jake The Snake. In Jail. Go to Jail. Stay in Jail. Bread and water. Water and bread. Hacks. CO’s. Gen-Pop. Contraband. The big iron-bar hotel. The Slammer. Ass-Rape Motel. The windy city. That Toddlin’ Town. Chi-Town. Chicken in the car and car won’t go. My kinda Town.

The City with a lot of nicknames. Jail. “That” Jail. In Jail Jail. That Jail. One and the same jail. 3 Hots and a cot. Nobody knows the sorrows I’ve known.

Go to crime, commit a jail. Don’t do the time if you can’t do the time. The Slammer. My kinda Town. Jail. Black stripe jumpsuit. Get thee to a jail. Police and Thieves. Junior Murvin. The Clash. Peter Tosh was murdered. In Jail. Somebody Got Murdered. Police On My Back. Julie’s Been Working For the Drug Squad. Junkie Slip. I Fought the Law and the Law Won. MegaMillions. Possession is 9/10’s of the Law. Get arrested, Go to Jail. Guilty till Proved Innocent.


Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty.

Sentence: Period. Sentence:

 Fingerprints. Mugshot. Cell Assignment. Arraignment. The Hanging Judge. Don’t Hang. Can’t Hang. Not in Jail. Suicide in the Jail. Bedsheets Noose. Strapped to “The Chair”. In Jail. Not “that” Chair. The other “Chair”. Junkies in Jail. Commit a crime, go to Jail. Sentence before the period.

Period of time in Jail: 10 Years to Life. In Jail. The Chair. Ol’ Sparky.

In Jail.

Do not collect 100 dollars, do not pass go. Cuffs. Handcuffs. Bracelets. Jail rape. Rape in jail. No means no. Do not say yes, do not collect a violated asshole. Jail. Arrested. In jail. Stay in Jail. Cops. Robbers. Birdman of Alcatraz.. Tunneling out of Jail. Escaping the Jail. Can’t Escape. Won’t Escape.

The Windy Jail. My Kinda’ Jail. The Jail with a lot of nicknames…

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain-Gang. Paul Muni. There go the men…worink’ on the chain—–ga-ang. Cupid, draw back your bow… In Jail. Takin’ off the shirt, Boss. Pickin’ up the ax, Boss. Singin’ a song, Boss. Backin’ away quickly into the shadows, Boss… “How do you get by?” Paul Muni: “I Steal”. Boss.

2 Hots and a cot. 2 Colds and a Cot. 1 Nothing and No Cot. Jail. Once you go to Jail, you    can’t stop going to Jail. Once you pop, you can stop. Won’t stop. Go to Jail. Stay in Jail. Marking Time on the Walls of the Jail. Selling Drugs in the Jail. “How do you get by?”

“I steal”. Paul Muni. Backs away quickly into the shadows…

…Into the Jail. The Hooscow.

The Slam. Riker’s. Sing-Sing.

Greybar Hotel. The Slammer.

The Big House.




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