impressions of south florida….smallpox ducks and Baker Act

Yet more old work…(very old)…finished just before my first TDO, in South Florida, many years ago now…there was a guy in the nut-hut there who sounded EXACTLY like Bill Murray. Another guy went on and on about how great a man the then-late Steve Irwin (‘Crocodile Hunter’ guy) was…Bill Murray guy was very surly. Not like the real Bill Murray.

Charcoal is not a tasty beverage.


One of the toxic-waste ducks I would feed outside my efficiency apartment. The ducks had smallpox. Tiny little lizards run every-which-way in South Florida. …The Florida Lizards.. it rains real hard in the middle of the day for five minutes then stops. .


Florida women are very appealing. Virginia women not very appealing in comparison. Baker Act. Bill Murray sound-alike. Drug-addict girl wants to make you interested in the AA Handbook. …Not interested. Cup up to the wall, spying on lady next door’s conversations on phone.


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