drawing fake mustaches on beautiful women in fashion magazines

“When in the nuthouse, my favorite past-time is always drawing fake mustaches and blacked-out teeth, pimples, etc., on all the beautiful people in the fashion magazines lying around that nobody reads. This is an adaptation of one of those ugly-ing up pieces…and the result of painting under the influence. There may be nothing to this. Or maybe there is something to it. I don’t know or care.”

“I also always enjoy getting into conversations with crazy people who you don’t realize are bat-shit at first…talking to them for about 2 minutes or more until you realize, “oh okay I’m talking to a crazy person.” The realization comes on real fast and all of a sudden. It’s a fun surprise sometimes. One minute you’re talking about something completely normal, like what brought you to the hospital, or your favorite Rambo movie…and the next, you’re in a deep philosophical conversation about spaghetti, or how the ghost of Tupac appears at the foot of the other person’s bed every night…”

“You can’t get that kind of conversation anywhere else but the nut-hut. It’s a pleasure, really.”

Kate Moss Smells.



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